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ACC Europe Learns How to Recruit and Retain Gen Z

Volume 38 , Number 4
Photo: Dr. Filby delivered a lecture at the ACC Europe and Mischon event on how to recruit and retain Generation Z.

Earlier this year in January, ACC Europe and Mishcon de Reya’s in-house place of learning, the Academy, hosted the joint event “Generation Z: How to Recruit Them and How to Retain Them.”  

Based in London, Mishcon de Reya services an international community of clients and provides advice in situations where the constraints of geography often do not apply. The work Mischon undertakes is cross-border, multi-jurisdictional, and complex.

Mishcon’s Academy was set up in 2016 to deliver firm-wide university quality education. The Academy delivers learning across legal, business, personal, and technology with the aim of creating well-rounded lawyers who can consult on a wide range of issues. Academy Director Patrick Connolly was keen to work with the ACC to showcase one of the previous term’s most popular lectures delivered by Dr. Eliza Filby.  


Graphic of four generations: Baby Boomers, Gen X, Millennials, Gen Z.  

Photo: The joint ACC Europe and Mischon event discussed the multi-generational workforce.  


Dr. Filby is a speaker, writer, and consultant specializing in the history of generations and the evolution of contemporary values. Dr. Filby looks at how people’s values and behaviors are changing and the implications of this evolution for work, education, politics, society, and economics. 

At the joint ACC and Mishcon event introduced by Radhika Rani, senior legal counsel at HPE, Dr. Filby delivered a lecture on recruiting and retaining Generation Z. For the first time in the professionalized environment, there are four generations in the workforce: Baby Boomers, Generation X, Millennials, and the next generation — and new recruits — Generation Z.  

Dr. Filby offered insight into the formation of this multi-generational workforce. She outlined practical solutions for overcoming challenges and ensuring that each age cohort feels understood, appreciated, and integrated into the workforce.

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