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Editorial Calendar

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ACC Docket Editorial Calendar 2020

  • Indicates priority articles within the overall issue topic.
IssueFeature article 1st draft due


Ethics & Compliance

  • Ethical Considerations for Nonprofits
  • The Regulator/General Counsel Relationship
  • Buy Bounties and Ethical Hacking / The Battle of White Hat and Black Hat Hackers
  • Drafting Ethical Cease and Desist Letters
  • Ethical Considerations during M&A
  • International Internet Regulation
  • Managing Multinational Antitrust Investigation
  • A Code of Ethics for Artificial Intelligence
  • Ethical Considerations for Emerging Technology such as Self-driving Vehicles
  • Cloning Ethics and other Ethical Issues in the Medical Field
  • The Gatekeeper versus Strategic Advisor Role
  • Anti-bribery and Anticorruption Global Compliance
  • How to Ethically Conduct Deals when the Other Party Lacks Legal Representation Content Due: Jan 10, 2020

MARCHOCT. 11, 2019

Law Department Management

Special Supplement: Legal Operations

  • Spend (e.g., controlling costs, doing more with less)
  • Managing Legal Teams in Multinational Organizations
  • Best Workflow Allocations
  • How to Enhance Your Presentation Skills and Other Leadership Traits
  • Succession Planning
  • Straight to In-house Lawyers and How to Integrate Them into the Department
  • Strategic Growth Through Startup Acquisition
  • Overseeing Legal and Non-legal Functions (HR)
  • Role of Paralegals in the In-house Legal Department
  • Tools and Technology in the Legal Department, including Artificial Intelligence
  • Contract Management Tools
  • Wellness and Mental Health: How to Recognize, Treat, & Prevent Burnout
  • How to Build a Resilient Legal Team
  • Recruiting and Retaining Talent
  • Increasing Outside Counsel Diversity Content Due: Feb. 7, 2020

APRILNOV. 13, 2019

Employment & HR    

  • Talent Grooming and Retention (e.g., fostering collaboration, preparing for Generation Z)
  • How to Ethically Use Non-competes
  • How to Handle Trade Secret Theft
  • Global Termination Standards
  • Healthcare (e.g., potential changes, denial of benefits, retirement plans, implementing mental health/drug policies, records disclosures, etc.)
  • Standardizing Benefits in a Global Business Environment
  • Does Sensitivity Training Work?
  • Safeguarding Employees While They’re Traveling
  • Compliance with Agency Guidelines
  • The 24-Hour Workday: Managing a Digitally Connected Workforce of Exempt and Non-exempt Employees
  • Legal Implications of Mobile Workplaces & the Right to Disconnect
  • Corporate Philanthropy: Managing Foundations and Giving Programs
  • Pay Equity Laws
  • How to Effectively Interview Hires
  • Shifts in Work Culture
  • How to Deal with Newly Unionized Employees
  • How to Negotiate with Unions and Work Councils
  • The Latest Updates on Immigration and Work Visas
  • The Future of Independent Contractors Content Due: March 13, 2020

MAYJAN. 10, 2020

Litigation Management

  • Keeping Your Client out of Court
  • Litigators Throughout History, and What We Can Learn from Them
  • Notable In-house Counsel Litigation
  • What to Send to Outside Counsel, What to Manage In-house
  • Determining Jurisdiction: The Best and Worst Places to Litigate
  • How to Draft Contracts with Different Jurisdictions in Mind
  • New Litigation Technology
  • Managing Multinational Litigation with Cross-border Documents and Witnesses
  • Obstacles to eDiscovery (Bring Your Own Device, etc.)
  • IP Trolls and Litigation
  • How to Understand an Arbitrator’s Logic
  • Leasing Arrangements and Potential Litigation
  • Using Analytics to Predict Court Judgments
  • Ethical and Practical Considerations for using Artificial Intelligence in Litigation
  • Recent Trends in Discovery: International Blocking Statues and the Reach of US Discovery Rules
  • Non-litigators and Their Role in Litigation
  • Working with Outside Counsel to Manage Litigation Content Due: April 17, 2020

JUNEFEB. 7, 2020

Cross Borders

  • Markets: How to Gain Access to Government-controlled Segments
  • Social and Economic Hurdles: Rise of Nationalism, Brexit, etc.
  • Future of Indian Business Market
  • Work Visas and Immigration Visas
  • The Impact of Trade Deals and Charging Tariffs
  • The Recognition and Acceptance of Foreign Official Documents in Different Jurisdictions
  • How to Spinoff a Company in a Different Jurisdiction
  • Hacking — A Look at Ransomware in Different Jurisdictions
  • How Fintech is Transforming Global Business
  • Managing Global Brands and Reputations in a Connected World
  • Compliance with International Sanctions
  • Blocking Statutes
  • Structuring Contracts for Cross-border Payments
  • Managing Geopolitical Risk
  • Cross-border Pro Bono Work
  • Legal Privilege Around the World Content Due: May 15, 2020



Special Supplement: Top 10 30-Somethings

  • Mentorship and Sponsorship Programs within the Legal Department and Across Business Units
  • Joining a Board
  • Leadership — Building a Personal Brand
  • How to Use Emotional Intelligence to Become a Leader
  • Demonstrating Value and Professional Development in the Workplace
  • Multigenerational Workforce and How to Integrate Gen-Z
  • How to Change Careers
  • How to Identify Lateral Moves with Potential
  • Straight to In-house Practice
  • The CLO's "Seat at the Table" and Reporting to the CEO
  • Best Practices for Diversity & Inclusion
  • Using Certifications to Advance Your Career
  • Managing Career Transitions
  • Upskilling and Reskilling In-house Lawyers
  • Recruiting and Retaining Talent
  • Wellness & Mental Health: How to Recognize, Treat, & Prevent Burnout Content Due: July 17, 2020


Technology & IP

Special Supplement: Value Champions

  • Cloud Technology and Data Centers
  • Investing in New Tech: Drones, Facial Recognition, etc.
  • “Green" Technology and Sustainable Business Practices
  • Oversight Liability, Litigation, & Reliance
  • Privacy Laws and Their Implementation
  • How to Resolve Deal Friction in Tech Contracts
  • Managing Copyright in a Digital World
  • How to Obtain Effective Cyberinsurance
  • Social Media Policies and the Right to Terminate
  • Changes in Canadian Trademark Law
  • Drafting Global IP Agreements
  • Blockchain Applications (Libra, Facebook’s Currency)
  • Updates on International Cybersecurity & Privacy Laws
  • Global Antitrust Regulations in the Digital Realm
  • Creating a Plan for Data Breaches Content Due: Aug. 14, 2019


Leading Practices

  • Vendor Management
  • The Pros and Cons of Being a Legal Specialist
  • Corporate/BOD Governance
  • Data Management and Protection
  • Tax Law Trends and Best Practices
  • Getting the Deal Done: The Role of Transactional Lawyers
  • Integrating the Legal Department with the Rest of the Company
  • Guidance on Online Identities (e.g., rights of employees and freedom of speech)
  • The Business Side: Continuing Education Outside of an MBA
  • Leading Practices for Global Compensation Polices
  • How to Strategize for a Private Equity Buyout
  • Legal Ops for Small Law
  • Times of Transition (succession planning, change of leadership, etc.)
  • A Primer on Corporate Political Participation Content Due:
Sept. 11, 2020


Environment & Energy

  • Climate Change Policies and Working in Global Energy
  • Developing and Implementing an Environmental/energy saving Program
  • International Environmental Reporting Requirements
  • Managing Bribery & Corruption Risks in the Oil Industry
  • Regulations Surrounding Genetically Modified Foods
  • Best Practices (and Policies) for Energy by Region
  • Environmental Concerns when Breaking Ground Outside Your Jurisdiction
  • Sustainability and “Green” Finance
  • Improving Your Brand Reputation in the Green Economy
  • No More Plastic Straws? Business Considerations for Being Green
  • Environmental Considerations in M&A
  • Lessons Learned from the Boeing Fiasco
  • UN Global Compact — A Guide for General Counsel
  • Sustainability Bonds
  • Reducing Carbon Footprint — How to Minimize Car and Plane Use Content Due: Oct. 16, 2020


Risk Assessment & Management

  • The Effects of the China/US Trade Dispute and Other International Trade Entanglements
  • Risk-based Framework for Contract Negotiation and Approval
  • Big Data Risk Management (e.g., breaches, employee privacy concerns, etc.)
  • Gatekeeper and Executive Liability
  • "People" Risk Management (e.g., managing employee morale, exits, lawsuits, etc.)
  • Antitrust Regulations (e.g., the large fines for Google following EU violation)
  • Should CEOs be on Social Media? And Other Questions for Companies
  • Corporate Debt and Bankruptcy Risk
  • How to Handle with Activist Investors
  • Brand Protection During a Corporate Crisis
  • Using Blockchain to Manage Risk
  • Planning for Disasters (e.g., man-made, terror, environmental)
  • Cross-border Protections and Employee Well-being
  • Working in Countries with a High Perception of Corruption
  • The Risks of Moving Currency Between Countries Content Due: Nov. 13, 2020