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Authoring Guidelines

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The award-winning ACC Docket is the journal of the Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC) and the premier publication for in-house counsel. Each issue delivers timely news and practical advice you can apply to your daily practice. The ACC Docket has a circulation of more than 45,000 readers worldwide, including ACC members, corporate counsel who practice in law firms and law students.


Besides writing for the ACC Docket, in-house attorneys or legal professionals may also contribute to the conversation by authoring for  

Each issue of the ACC Docket covers a specific topic, in depth. See the Editorial Calendar for a list of all topics for the year. 

Successful ACC Docket articles are sophisticated how-to articles. They provide practical, nuts-and-bolts information that's directly relevant to the day-to-day practice of in-house counsel. ACC Docket articles usually run about 3,000 words, including sidebar material. 

Articles created for the are shorter than typical Docket articles. They are also more timely and should address the issue topic for the month or the news item currently affecting in-house practice. articles should be between 500 and 1500 words.


In-house counsel and legal professionals, or author teams that consist of at least one in-house legal professional, can write for the magazine and the website. Membership in ACC is not required. Manuscripts must be the original work of the authors(s) and not previously published or simultaneously submitted to another publication. Self-promotional articles are not accepted.


  1. What should a proposal for an article contain?

    A proposal should summarize the central idea behind the article, why this issue is important to in-house counsel and briefly describe solutions or advice regarding the issue.

  2. How do I submit a proposal?

    Please email your ACC Docket article proposal to Joshua H. Shields, managing editor, at For articles, please contact Karmen Fox, web content editor of ACC Docket, at

  3. Once I've submitted a proposal for an article, when will I find out if it's been accepted?

    We will respond to your proposal within one to four weeks.

  4. Do you provide any feedback on proposals?

    Yes. We will provide feedback via email or by phone.

  5. Can I rewrite and resubmit my proposal if it is rejected?

    Yes. After you receive feedback on your proposal, you can resubmit your proposal. However, if your proposal is rejected twice, please do not submit it again.

  6. What happens after my proposal has been accepted?

    You can start writing your article. Unless the editor in chief specifies a deadline, we will work with your schedule. Note that we will not schedule a publication date until we have approved your first draft.

  7. What are the article length requirements and what other materials should be submitted?

    Depending on where your article will be published, your topic, and the publication date, you will have three weeks to three months to submit a draft.

  8. What happens next?

    After you submit a draft article, the ACC Docket editorial team will review it. You'll have approximately two to four weeks to revise your article based on our feedback and send us your final draft. Once you sign off on your final draft, our production schedule does not allow further review. At this point, our editors may do some minor copy-editing, but there will be no substantive edits. Finally we publish your article. To note, we require all ACC Docket authors to assign copyright to ACC. The Assignment of Copyright form must be completed and signed before publication.


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