Frequently Asked Questions

Here you’ll find answers to frequently asked questions about ACC eGroups. If you don’t see the answer to your question, please call the ACC legal resources department at +, x456 between 8:30 AM and 5:30 PM EST Monday – Friday or email

What is the purpose of the committee eGroups?

Committee eGroups provide an online networking tool for ACC members. They enable members to post information that is of interest to other committee members, highlight regulatory developments and provide professional and substantive support.

How do I post a message anonymously?

You can email your query to, noting the eGroup to which the information and subject should be posted. We will forward any responses to you.

What type of information should I post to my eGroup(s)?

eGroups are effective communication tool for a group of people with common interests. Here are some examples of appropriate posts:

  • New and impending cases
  • Legislative or regulatory developments
  • Substantive questions for which you want opinions
  • Management, career development and other professional questions
  • Requests for recommendations for outside counsel
  • Requests for sample forms

Is my profile and information protected?

Yes, a member’s profile and personal information are protected. Each member can personalize his or her Privacy Settings for photo, contact information and demographics by selecting My Profile > My Privacy Settings (or click here). Further, if a member opts to edit her Profile information, the Connected Community site allows her to do so directly within ACC’s AMS (or click here)

What do the Privacy Settings mean?

  • My Contacts - only people who you are friended with can see the information.
  • Members Only - only members can see the information.
  • Public - only members can see this information.
  • Nobody - nobody else can see this information.

Can I view content from all Discussions?

Members are only able to see the Discussions for those communities that they belong to or which are open to all members.

What is the difference between “My Communities”, “My Networks” and “My eGroups”?

My Communities: Members of ACC may belong to committees, chapters, or special interest groups within the organization. ACC’s Member-to-Member platform views these groups as “communities.” On the ACC Member-to-Member site, each community has a landing page with an associated:

  • Resource Library where members of the community can upload and share documents
  • Discussion where members can discuss relevant topics

My Neworks: Based on the demographics that ACC has chosen to capture on members’ profiles, the ACC Connected Community site will automatically create networks among the members’ shared demographics. (For instance, if there was a Demographic field called “Languages Spoke,” then anyone who selected “Chinese” would automatically be places in a Network and able to see everyone else who selected “Chinese.”) The “My Networks” feature allows members to communicate and collaborate with their peers by allowing them to send contact requests and messages to one another.

My eGroups: (Now called Discussions)
Combining the best of listservs and threaded discussion forums, Discussion is an ideal communication tool to enable communities to engage in dialog while pushing out (and archiving) user-generated content. Users receive an easy-to-read email that contains a picture of the author linked to the author’s profile, a link to the online archive where all postings are automatically stored, and a link to respond to the entire group or the author.

Users can easily return to the ACC Connected Community site to start new discussion topics and conduct research using the stored content of archived postings, or stay within their own Microsoft Outlook or Entourage application to view and respond to email messages. Discussions includes many Preference options including the receipt of real-time or daily digest postings, RSS subscription, and a PDA option so that you can read messages on your mobile devices.

What is “My RSS feed”?

The “My RSS Feed” feature allows members to receive alerts from a specific community’s Resource Libraries, Blogs and Glossaries to an RSS Reader such as Google Reader or Yahoo Reader.

What information appears in the “Shared Files” tab?

The “Shared Files” tab displays the files that were most recently uploaded to Resource Libraries. The Resource Library provides an area within the ACC Member-to-Member platform where users may upload and download files. They can also comment, rate, and tag documents to offer additional context to the posting and make it easy to search. Each library can hold multiple types of documents, including streaming video, PowerPoint presentations, PDFs, images, Microsoft Office and Apple iWork documents. Each posting shows the author’s image which links to his/her profile, allows for comments, and automatically displays related documents based on tags.

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