Rules & Protocols

To help keep our listserves useful and efficient for everyone, please observe the following guidelines.

  • Be sure your messages are appropriate for everyone on the listserve—messages sent to a listserve address are forwarded to every member of that listserve.
  • Stay on point. Listserves are reserved for network-related topics. Don’t forward Internet jokes and humor to the listserve address.
  • Include a signature with your name, company affiliation and email address on all messages. This makes it easier to know who said what on a long string of email messages.
  • Be courteous when replying to listserve messages. Do not challenge or attack other participants.
  • Send personal responses, such as “thanks for the information” or “I agree,” and personal comments to the appropriate individual’s email address, not the entire listserve.
  • Send a new message if you are introducing a new topic or train of thought. That way, readers don’t have to sift through several messages to track information.
  • Remember that listserve messages may be forwarded to third parties without your knowledge. If you wouldn’t want your message read to the public, do not send it to the listserve address.
  • Do not post commercial messages on a listserve or distribute the listserve address to vendors.
  • Do not post defamatory, profane, offensive or illegal content and messages (including disclosures)—these are strictly prohibited.


  • ACC may delete postings that have advertising or that it considers offensive or inappropriate.
  • ACC reserves the right to suspend or terminate membership for members who violate these rules.
  • Remember that your comments could make you subject to libel, slander and antitrust laws.
  • Please keep in mind that ACC and other listserve participants have the right to reproduce posts on Network listserves.
  • Views expressed on listserves are those of the individual author and do not reflect the views of ACC.

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