U.S. Antitrust


"Antitrust" (in the U.S.) and "competition" (in the E.U.) laws are intended to promote competition in the marketplace for the benefit of consumers. These laws target the following anti-competitive practices:

  • Agreements between competitors (a) to set prices or terms; (b) to allocate markets, customers or territories; or (c) to not do business with ("boycott") certain suppliers or customers;
  • Agreements between manufacturers and distributors that the distributors may sell only in certain territories or to certain types of customers;
  • Agreements between suppliers and customers to (a) set resale prices; (b) require a customer to buy all of its requirements from one supplier; (c) "tie" a customer's purchase of a desirable product/service to the purchase of a less desirable product/service; and
  • Certain predatory practices by companies with monopoly power in their markets.

The criminal and civil penalties for antitrust-related violations are severe, and ignorance of the law is no excuse.

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Key Resources

For your convenience, ACC has compiled the following key resources to assist you in your compliance efforts.

For more try searching ACC's online library for "antitrust compliance"

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