Conflict of Interest


A conflict of interest is a situation in which an employee has a personal or private interest that interferes with (or appears to interfere with) the employee's ability to do his/her job fairly, ethically and in line with the organization's best interests.

Every organization should have a policy that requires each of its employees to disclose all actual and potential conflicts of interest and to avoid these actions or behaviors:

  1. Participating in any activity that competes with the organization, deprives the organization of business, or provides services that the organization provides;
  2. Allowing business dealings on behalf of the organization to be influenced (or appear to be influenced) by personal or family interests;
  3. Accepting or soliciting substantial gifts, loans, favors or other valuables from customers, clients or suppliers;
  4. Accepting or soliciting bribes, payments, loans, kickbacks, special privileges or services from customers, clients or suppliers; or giving or offering any of these to customers, clients or suppliers;
  5. Engaging in outside activities, such as a second job or self-employment, that compete with the organization or that interfere with the employee's responsibilities to the organization;
  6. Using the organization's name in the performance of any outside activities - such as giving presentations or writing articles - without the organization's express permission; and
  7. Soliciting or distributing literature, pamphlets or other materials that are not related to the organization while at work.

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Key Resources

For your convenience, ACC has compiled the following key resources to assist you in your compliance efforts.

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