Workplace Violence


Workplace violence includes verbal abuse, physical abuse, threats of abuse, harassment, intimidation and any other behavior that disrupts the workplace. The behavior may consist of verbal or written statements, gestures or other means of communicating a threat of harm. While the risk of workplace violence is highest where the work involves interaction with the public, an exchange of money, or dealing with unstable populations such as in healthcare or criminal justice, no organization is immune.

Every organization should have a workplace violence prevention plan that includes —

  • A "zero-tolerance" policy for violent, threatening, intimidating or aggressive conduct in the workplace;
  • A policy prohibiting the possession of firearms and other dangerous weapons on work premises;
  • Employee training to recognize and report "red-flag" indicators of potentially violent behavior; and
  • Manager and supervisor training in conflict resolution and non-violent defense.

Appropriate security measures can also enhance workplace safety. These may include —

  • Providing increased visibility in high-risk areas;
  • Installing adequate external lighting, security systems and alarms;
  • Posting full-time or after-hours security guards or installing monitoring systems; and
  • Using limited-access key cards and visitor sign-in logs.

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Key Resources

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