Seat at the Table: The Age of the Chief Legal Officer (CLO)

Is your chief legal officer (CLO) positioned for maximum impact? ACC aims to inform members of the board of directors (BOD), institutional investors, and top executives of the importance of CLOs having a seat at the table and direct access to the BOD — as well as the importance of developing a company culture where the legal department is regularly consulted in business decision–making. A direct reporting line to the CEO is just the beginning.


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Chief Legal Officers 2020 Survey

Chief Legal Officers 2020 Survey

This in-depth study builds on responses from 1,007 CLOs and GC at organizations spanning 20 industries and 47 countries, making it one of the largest and most comprehensive surveys of its kind.

Q&A with the EiC: Rose Marie Glazer on Getting a Seat at the Table

Q&A with the EiC: Rose Marie Glazer on Getting a Seat at the Table

Rose Marie Glazer, vice president, deputy general counsel, and corporate secretary of American International Group (AIG), has some advice for in-house counsel who may not always be invited to executive table: invite yourself.

Earn Your Seat at the Table by Maximizing Business Relationships

Earn Your Seat at the Table by Maximizing Business Relationships

As an in-house attorney, you are at the heart of all of your company's business relationships: clients, supplier, contractors, partners, vendors, landlords, financiers, distributors, and more. 

What Happens When GCs Aren't Empowered

What Happens When GCs Aren't Empowered

Companies that fail to position their general counsel properly do so at their peril — exposing themselves to the dangers of corruption, scandals, and lawsuits.

Veta T. Richardson
President and CEO, Association of Corporate Counsel

8 Keys to Become a Valuable and Trusted Resource to the C-suite

8 Keys to Become a Valuable and Trusted Resource to the C-suite

In-house counsel often find themselves shoulder-to-shoulder with the C-suite when negotiating a deal, discussing litigation, or solving myriad compliance matters that arise daily in the world of corporate law. 

From Lawyer to CEO

From Lawyer to CEO

Most law firm cultures are built around a strong bias to risk aversion. However, in transitioning to a more entrepreneurial role, lawyers must expand their perception from "no" to "yes," even if the next question is "how?"

Additional Resources
NACD Blue Ribbon Commission Report on Culture as a Corporate Asset

NACD Blue Ribbon Commission Report on Culture as a Corporate Asset

Corporate culture can no longer be considered a soft issue by management and boards. Its strength or weakness has a lasting impact on organizational performance and reputation. The oversight of culture must be a key board responsibility, as it is inextricably linked with strategy, CEO selection, and risk oversight.

Harvard Law School, The Practice, "The In-House Counsel Movement"

Harvard Law School, The Practice, "The In-House Counsel Movement"

In-house lawyers had gone from a position of marginality and subservience — think "house counsel" as in "house pet" — to being "general counsel," a pivotal role in both defining and serving the legal needs of their powerful corporate clients.



Gender gap and the GC

The gap between male and female in-house counsel shows no sign of narrowing, both in pay and in representation. That's troubling news for the legal profession and for the corporate sector alike. Despite strong female leadership in the field, the data in studies and widespread experience confirm that the in-house legal sector still falls woefully short of parity.


ACC Foundation Goes International to Bring the Message Home

Cybersecurity is a concern that crosses borders just as surely as data does. And the Association of Corporate Counsel Foundation decided to underscore the point by, for the first time, holding its summer Cybersecurity Summit outside of the United States. 


How Millennials Are Transforming The Legal Industry

As attorneys fresh out of law school begin to enter firms and legal departments, they're bringing change with them. Millennials are shaping workplaces with preferences for flexible arrangement, access to advanced technology, and high diversity and inclusion standards, experts say. And if business leaders decide to swim against the current, they risk losing out on talent and innovation.


Legal Operations Groups Responsible for the Function’s Quick Evolution

A legal operations survey in 2008 only had responses from 34 individuals, but since that time the field has become more mainstream with the efforts of groups such as CLOC and ACC. Organizations like the Corporate Legal Operations Consortium and the legal operations arm of the Association of Corporate Counsel have made it possible for the speedy evolution of the function, according to a white paper recently published by Onit and SimpleLegal. 


France: Privilege that must not be denied

A recent report on the potential reform of in-house professional privilege in France received broad support from in-house lawyers and private practitioners alike. Professional privilege and the role it plays in safeguarding client interests, enabling them to receive appropriate legal advice in defending claims made against their companies remains a hot topic. 


Protests Continue in Hong Kong, Leaving Businesses at a Crossroads

A "dead" extradition bill, viewed as a symptom of the city's erosion of rights, is haunting Hong Kong, as protesters continue to take to the street every week in the thousands, and teargas and riot police become the norm. But as the city grows accustomed to instability, businesses are growing increasingly nervous about what Hong Kong's future may look like. 


ACC Names Winners of 8th Annual Top 30-Somethings Awards at ACC Corporate Counsel University®

The Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC) announced winners of the eighth annual Top 10 30-Somethings awards at its Corporate Counsel University®(CCU) in Minneapolis. Sponsored by Saul Ewing Arnstein & Lehr, LLP, ACC received an all-time high of 195 nominations, 40 of which came from outside the United States. The award program distinguishes the outstanding achievements of in-house lawyers between the ages of 30 and 39. 


What’s the Most Popular Way for Legal Teams to Charge Law Firms?

New research has uncovered the various fee structures offered and implemented by in-house legal teams when it comes to working with law firms, and the extent to which those structures are utilised. The 2019 Global Legal Department Benchmarking Report, penned by The Association of Corporate Counsel in partnership with Major, Lindsey & Africa, surveyed 508 legal departments across 30 countries and 71 industries. 


Corporate Law Depts Adopt Key Legal Tech Less Than Half the Time

Companies reported a median legal spend of $1.6 million in 2018 Contract review, drafting handled primarily by in-house teams. Not one of 14 well-known types of legal technology has been adopted by half of corporate legal departments, according to a new benchmark survey. 


Gut Instinct Alone Is Not Enough”: The Growing Role of Litigation Analytics

Litigation is increasingly understood, by litigants, litigators, and litigation funders alike, as a form of asset management. A claim is an asset, and the claimant (and any funder) seeks to maximise its value, through settlement or judgment. Conversely, the defendant (and any claims insurer) seeks to minimise its potential liability. 


Inside the Lawsuit That Could Shake Up the Entire Esports Industry

Are professional esports players, many of whom are relatively young and unseasoned in business dealings, being played by the more sophisticated organizations that employ them? This question lies at the heart of a complaint recently filed by Turner Tenney, a player professionally known as Tfue, in Los Angeles Superior Court. Tenney argues that his gamer contract violates California law. If Tenney prevails, the validity of other players' contracts with gaming companies would be called into question. 


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